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How Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying Works

Electrostatic technology is smart technology. The electrostatic sprayer continuously detects the polarity (+) or (-) of the user and the equipment and adjusts automatically so that grounding is never an issue. The chemical is first atomized, passes through an electrostatic-induction nozzle, charged using a bipolar power supply, and then discharged toward the target area. The bipolar supply causes the electrical charges to be alternatively redistributed, resulting in droplets having an excess of either positive (+) or negative (-) charges. These electrostatically charged droplets are so attracted to the targeted area that they coat the side, edge, and backside of surfaces. This wraparound effect creates an even, consistent and comprehensive coverage of chemical, reduces over-spray, reduces wasted chemical, and provides significant results.

Research indicates that
Electrostatic Sprayers are 8x
more effective
than using
an uncharged sprayer

EPIX360 - EMist Electrostatic Sprayer - How it Works

EPIX360, EM360 & EX7000
Electrostatic Sprayers

EMIST EPIX360 Electrostatic Sprayers and Envirocleanse-A Disinfectant

The Fastest

54,000 Square feet disinfected in one hour
1728% faster then traditional methods.
More then double the coverage when compared
to Victory Backpacks

Most Cost-Effective

Only 1 Gallon needed to Disinfect 54,000 square feet
97.4% more efficient when compared to traditional Spray & Wipe methods. 5.3x less product required to cover the same amount of area as a Victory Backpack

Easiest Way to Disinfect

Only 1 person required to disinfect 54,000 square feet
94% more efficient then traditional methods.
3x less people are required when compared
to using Victory Backpacks

Handheld Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer Comparisons

EMIST EPIX360 Sprayer Comparison
EMIST EX7000 Sprayer Comparison
EMIST EPA Report & Comparisons

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EMIST EPIX360 Hand Held Electrostatic Sprayer and Envirocleanase-A Organic Disinfectant

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