How to choose a janitorial service to clean your B.C. office

Commercial buildings have specific janitorial needs compared to residential spaces. As a facility manager or commercial property owner, you're likely aware of the steep cleaning costs — and how difficult it is to get your space fully sanitized. From increased foot traffic to sensitive electronics to potential contamination, there are dozens of reasons you need a professional, detail-oriented cleaning service for your commercial space. These tasks must be handled by professionals. 

Here's what to consider when evaluating and hiring commercial cleaning services for your B.C. business. 

Is the company well-established and experienced?

Anyone can wipe down a surface or vacuum a rug. When hiring a commercial cleaning service, you want to be sure that they understand how to effectively sanitize high-touch surfaces — in a way that minimizes disruption to your space's activities. For example, many household cleaning products contain;

(a) surfactants that leave an unpleasant residue,
(b) fragrances that can irritate allergies,
(c) harsh chemicals that contribute to indoor air pollution.

These products are also often insufficient for cleaning the sort of high-traffic, commercial-grade materials found in stores, office buildings, and so on.

The most qualified companies know exactly which cleaning agents and methods are best for each surface, whether that's entryway carpeting, reception desk countertops, elevator panels, etc.


Does the company provide the cleaning services you need?

Before you start reaching out to commercial cleaning services for your B.C. office, identify what you need to be done. If all your floors are tile and your furniture wooden, you won't need carpet and upholstery cleaning — but your janitorial service will need to provide effective cleaning products that work with those natural surfaces.